Check-Time Attendance Check Time Attendane

Check-Time is a fingerprint presence applications Windows based and web based interface. Biometric time Attendance management applications, powerful and simple to use interface which gives you independence to economically manage your business’s time presence data almost anyplace, drastically reducing the number of hours needed to process employee time & attendance and mechanically computing total worked hours including overtime, holiday, sick days and vacations. You are empowered by our On-Line internet base reporting options in order that you may readily convert information into useful information with enlightened time decision making abilities. For procedure payroll.


Web based interface  (Net base)

Our web based Program interface lets administrators and workers to only get the program through a web browser, with online system worker may use Leaves online and make Comments On their presence Reports. That approved by HR/Admin.


Payroll export capabilities

We know the pressure that processing payroll put in charge of this job on the person or HR staff. Our Payroll export program may easily create an export format as required by supplier or your payroll applications. Export in Excel/CSV/TXT/SQL Export-report


Simple Reporting 


Check-time reporting options which give you with educated real time decision making abilities in order that you may readily convert information into useful information. Simple accessibility for executives and managers to evaluation tools, and reporting, query empowers your organization to proactively handle company needs.

Edges of Check-Time Attendance Applications 

Enhance worker productivity by replacing all manual time card computations
Prevents the hassle of auditing paper established worker time cards
Minimizes payroll processing time
By using overtime policies so stay in conformity with labour law
Reduce the time needed to schedule workers
Love up to the minute real time visibility on attendance information & your time
With our cloud option can see reports anyplace.
Access an internet browser
Identify & remove time larceny (early in, late outside, & buddy punching)
Export time totals to all payroll suppliers and applications within several minutes
By shifting programs immediately lower overtime costs
Fingerprint Device connectivity

Check-Time Applications Easily Connect to Fingerprint Apparatus. It is possible to download information with pen-drive and with Network, Universal Serial Bus Data Connection.