What is Biometric Time Attendance System?

A biometric time Attendance is a digital time clock that allows employees to clock in clock out. Using a biometric time clock you can allow your employees to punch using their fingerprint, facial recognition. A fingerprint time clock requires employees by a fingerprint previously stored in your system. A worker places a finger on the device’s fingerprint scanner to unlock the system for employee time tracking.

Facial recognition is a biometric system that uses artificial intelligence to match an employee’s face with previously stored in your system. 


One of the biggest issues with traditional timesheets or other time clock systems is something called “buddy punching.” “Buddy punching” refers to employees who clock in their co-workers when they’re absent or running late. This is obviously a big financial problem for business owners


The use of biometric prevents buddy punching. our biometric time clock systems to help eliminate payroll system glitches while simultaneously stabilizing your payroll system. Biometric time clocks utilize some of the leading technology available today as far as time and attendance software goes. 

Biometric time clock software will sync data across all devices and gives employees the option to clock in clock out from any of the devices. This can be set as a part fo your ClockIt time clock settings.

Another drawback of traditional attendance tracking methods is the amount of time it takes HR and payroll teams to process all the time stamp records and reconcile these against employee records to ensure the correct pay and benefits are issued.

our biometric attendance systems automate the majority of this work by syncing data in real-time. Without laborious data entry tasks to take care of, your administrative staff can focus their time on more valuable work.